Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Living Luxuriously with Lexie Lamour

Too often, we get caught up doing everything we need to do in life and not much that we want to do. With hectic schedules, meeting demands, and putting in hours and hours of hard work, stress just seems to come oh so easily. Sometimes we need to stop, relax and indulge a little… or a lot. Consider the Kitty Card. It started out as a concept from a women’s social group (Glam City Girls) and is now emerging into a full-fledged exclusive deals card that is being accepted at some of the hottest spots around town. 

Lexie Lamour, president of the Kitty Card, launched it late last year after moving to the city from South Beach with one mission in mind: “To give all women in Vancouver access to that ‘celebrity treatment’ [so they can] feel indulgent, empowered and like a queen.” To do that, “[I] partner with Vancouver’s finest retailers, salons and hospitality businesses. Each of our partnering businesses know to go the extra mile while treating Kitties.” 

Although the benefits from the card may be blissful, establishing it during one of the most difficult years wasn’t. “It’s tough to get credit in this economy, especially when you’re self employed. The hardest and most important part is to get people to believe in your vision. I had a few people tell me to come back in two years and then they’ll talk to me,” Lexie admits, “You have to put in extra work to start but it’s well worth it when it starts to take shape.” From all this she has learned to “be realistic with goals, have focus [but] be flexible and last but not least, take time off.” 

So when she’s not working, the fashion and beauty enthusiast is exploring new shops, beauty products and cool spaces just like your go-to girlfriend. 

Not only does she scope out the most luxurious spots around town, she plans exclusive events for kitties. Some of her past events include a Sex and the City style cocktail party for the launch of the card and Kitty Holiday Soiree Christmas party in Yaletown that included makeovers, and mini-manicures. A regular event to anticipate is her Country Club brunch that is located at a different location every month, so members can experience a whole new vibe. 

Her events have garnered so much attention that cities like Toronto have been asking for their own card. And they may be in luck because she plans on spreading the discounts to major Canadian and US cities in the next few years. She also aims to partner with a swanky restaurant like Earls and is already in talks with a few make-up stores! 

Along with that, be on the lookout for boutiques and lifestyle businesses such as hotels and even limo services. Who wouldn’t want to travel in style? Let’s face it, we all need a good dose of the Kitty life once in a while because like Lexie says “work will be there in the morning and you can’t work well if you’re not well. So grab your Kitty Card and live a little!”

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