Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beautiful Yaletown

vancouver office space P1010631 150x150 Beautiful Yaletown

My favourite singer/actor, Akihiro Miwa, said “Humans are made up of body and mind. Now we can easily buy enough food or nutritional supplements. So, do you know what the food for our mind is? It is culture – beautiful music, art or scenery can make our mind calm and stable.”

Today I visited Yaletown – formerly a heavy industrial area dominated by warehouses and rail yards but since Expo’86, it has been transformed into an attractive urban area.

vancouver office space P1010622 150x150 Beautiful Yaletown

At Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre, I said hello to Engine 374- the CPR Engine that pulled the first transcontinental train into the city. After a quick visit to Roundhouse, I walked along the seawall. It was calming and the water was so clear, I could see to the bottom.

vancouver office space P1010625 150x150 Beautiful Yaletown

I kept walking and I got into lovely interior shop with gorgeous chandeliers, glittered tableware and European furniture. It was like walking into a romantic honeymoon suite! I thought, what do I need to change in my room in order to be like this shop? … Unfortunately, everything was different. I needed to make a huge effort to get a beautiful room like theirs. Of course, I can’t buy this beautiful furniture easily but this furniture inspired me. I’m going to clean up my room and work at it. And I’m coming back this shop in Yaletown! 

  vancouver office space P1010628 150x150 Beautiful Yaletown

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